Powerful Reasons Video Marketing Will Benefit Your Jersey Business

The future is now.

The past year has been a complete revolution for video marketing. A key statistic researched by Wyozowl states that around 63% of businesses online are now taking advantage of video content to market their business.

Video is progressing as a key factor to separate your business from the rest of the pack, especially in a business location such as Jersey. The huge uprising in usage of video in businesses is the belief that 83% of business owners and managers believe that video marketing gives them a good return on investment (ROI).

It is possible that if you have a business in Jersey, you’re yet to implement this type of media into your marketing campaigns. You may be in the early stages of implementation, or perhaps you still have doubts about the benefits.

Look at any large successful business globally, and you will see a heavy implementation of video media marketing. It has grown to be one of the most versatile and profitable forms of digital marketing available to business owners.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be using video marketing to expand your business:

Video Boosts Sales

The key reason any business owner wishes to improve their marketing efforts, is to improve their sales or conversions. The simple fact is that video implementation can have a serious impact upon your conversions. Unbounce reports that including video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%!

Video can also lead directly to an improvement in sales. Studies have shown that explainer-videos about a product led to 74% of viewers being converted into sales. Still not convinced? Read on!

Let’s think about this logically for a second. Vision is the most dominant of our senses, with the majority of information transmitted to our brain being based upon vision. There’s no doubt that catchy images can improve engagement (otherwise branding would be pointless). Now think about how much more engaged someone would be with a video.

Video Builds Trust

When it comes to converting visitors into potential sales, trust is key. However, building that trust is the bane of marketing companies worldwide. The whole concept of content marketing is based around the creation of trust and customer-relationships. The idea of non-direct selling, and allowing your customers to come to you by providing useful information, or eye catching content.

Video has the ability to draw in engagement, as well as evoke emotions. Ever cried during a film? or felt strong emotions towards a video scene?

There is a reason that brands worldwide are paying YouTubers tens of thousands (if not more…) to include their products within their videos. Video has become the most powerful platform to promote a product, your brand, and your message.

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Trust can be the final nut to crack before a customer is convinced to purchase a product, or sign up to your service. Effective video marketing can present your product or service in a conversational and trust-building format which creates a sense of individual approach which words on a website cannot replicate. It is for this reason that 57% of consumers have said that videos gave them more confidence in the product and business when it came to purchasing.


Google LOVES Video Media

A key factor used by Google to decipher the importance of your website is how long visitors stay on your webpages. Guess what? Videos have been shown to increase the time spent by users on your site significantly. In turn, this will have a significant impact upon your Google Search Rankings. In fact, you’re 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google if there is a well made video embedded on your website.

Google owns YouTube. Need I say more…?

Longer exposure to your website during this time will allow visitors to become more accustomed to your product, brand and image, and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Got Something to Explain?

Have you got a new product or service? Perhaps your product or service is quite complex to explain words alone? Why not create a video in order to explain how the product or service works?

98% of users state that they have looked for explainer videos online in order to gain a further understanding of a product or service.

Furthermore, 45% of businesses who take advantage of video marketing have used an explainer video on their home page in order to aid visitors’ understanding.

Creatively implemented explainer videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, explanation, and simplicity. They simply work.

the benefits of video for jersey businesses


As stated, video can be a great tool to educate potential buyers of your product or service. However, it can also be a simple medium of consumption. In this modern age, people are too busy with other things going on to read long product descriptions or delve deep into a website to figure out exactly what is on offer. The vast majority of people would rather watch a video for a business, than read a long word document about them.

In simple terms, video engages even the laziest of buyers.

Video has the ability to capture a wide audience (including the lazy ones). As previously discussed, it is important to capture the senses. Not only vision, but also audible senses.

According to Wyzowl, 68% of consumers would prefer watching a video to solve any product related queries.

Social Media Marketing

All social networks are currently encouraging the use of video content on their platforms. Facebook has launched ‘Live Video’ and 360 Degree Video into their website. Instagram has launched IGTV, as well as video stories and longer 60 second videos on their Instagram feed. Twitter has Periscope. Not leaving the last until least, YouTube has become the second most popular social network on the internet.

The importance of video marketing, especially on social media, is to evoke emotions, and not state facts. 76% of users stated that they would be more likely to share a branding video if it was entertaining, or created some sort of emotional reaction. So, it’s time to make your business the life of the party and create entertaining videos in order to improve your social media presence and maximise the shares of your videos.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking, evoking emotional reactions doesn’t exactly lead directly to ROI. However, increasing the social shares your posts are receiving will in turn increase the traffic to your website greatly. And guess what’s going to be on that website which studies have shown to increase conversions? A video on the landing page! Marketing isn’t a simple process anymore, consumers and smarter and more aware. The marketing alone needs to provide a benefit to the customer.

Video Trends of 2018

Content quality is king! You don’t have to have the production quality of Steven Spielberg. The quality and technical aspects of your videos needs to be good, but it doesn’t need to be mind-blowing. Good production quality cannot make up for a lack of substance in your videos. Make sure the content is engaging!

Storytelling is critical! It is possible for people to read through a long scrolling page of content. Simply converting that into a video won’t get you very far without effective storytelling. The emotional connection to the viewer is going to be the key characteristic of effective video marketing in Jersey.

The vast majority of consumers prefer video over text. This has already begun to see a huge explosion in the growth of video usage online. How many people do you know who would rather see a film than read a book?

This doesn’t only work for Business-to-Customer (B2C) style businesses, but also Business-to-Business (B2B). At the end of the day, businesses are people as well. No matter the type of product or service you provide, it can be benefitted by effective video marketing.


Video marketing is still in its adolescent stages within Jersey. However, it will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. Whether or not you are a pioneer in the local area or not is up to you.

This isn’t just about Jersey either. If your business has the potential to expand globally, the video is critical. It is so easy to spread a message globally via video media. Emotionally charges, creative and well thought out video campaigns can spread on the internet and within a community in a matter of hours if implemented effectively.

Video Marketing. Only the creative survive…

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