Our story

About the brand

Our mission is to produce compelling films and media campaigns that engage audiences in matters of social, cultural, and environmental significance for tangible public benefit. We believe in the power of strong visual storytelling to move hearts and minds.

Maple Rock Studios was launched in January 2018 by Chantelle at age 22. The company now works with creatives from all over to ensure all your film needs are met.

 After graduating from Vancouver Film School in ‘Film Production’, which is considered the number 1 film production course in the world! Chantelle came home to Jersey and worked at a local Film Production studio as a creative producer working on travel shows, some of which were aired on Netflix. Fast forward five years, Maple Rock Studios has grown. In 2021 we celebrate Bradley O’Malley joining the company as our Head of Creative as we move into our 5th year of business. 



Chantelle Mundy maple rock studios film production videographer

What We Offer

“Surround yourself with people who are better than you in every field. There’s only so much you can do alone, but if you work with people who are better and brighter, then together you’ll create something that you’re not capable of coming up with by yourself”.

As well as the standard services of film production that you expect from us we also can offer you loads more.


We work with colourists who work to perfect the visual tone of the project. This can really add a cinematic look or give a polished look. 


Adding aerial imagery to your film can offer a different perspective – literally. This is a simple add on to increase production value. 

Script Writing

Messaging is important. We work with the very best script writers so that your message is clear and impactful. 

professional voice over

We work with voice over artists from all over the world. We’ll find you right voice with the perfect tone and style. Need your script in a different language? – Just ask. 


If you’re looking for 2D or 3D animation we can provide it. We work with the most talented motion graphic artists.

visual effects

Our visual effects artists are responsible for inserting special effects into films. These can be anything that can’t be captured with live action filming. So no idea is too big.


Do you require stills for your project as well as video? We now offer photography as a brand new service.

social media management

With a combined 18k followers on our personal Instagram accounts, we know a thing or two about managing social accounts. Why not let us handle your business accounts for you? 


After a website for your business or a refresh on your current one? We can create something fresh for you and manage it so you don’t have to.