About Us

Maple Rock Studios is a British independent television and video production facility based in the Channel Islands.

Led by Chantelle Mundy the company was formed through a passion for story telling. Chantelle has over 5 years experience in the industry working in photography studios, news media, film and television broadcast. The name for the company derived from a love for Canada and, of course, Jersey our base. Chantelle graduated from Vancouver Film School, one of the top three film schools world-wide, where she received 100% on her dissertation project.Although Chantelle spent time studying in Vancouver she was born and raised in Jersey, so the company is proudly local.Maple Rock Studios has filmed all around the world producing engaging and informative films at the highest quality possible. We’re passionate about story telling in all our work, be it in broadcast programmes for TV networks, creative arthouse style films or corporate films for our UK & Channel Island based clients.

So why ‘we’?

Although Chantelle heads Maple Rock Studios the company sources out regularly to freelancers to insure that we can offer you everything you need. Under our wing we have a permeant secretary who deals with our accounts, invoices and all sorts of other clever finance things. We also have a dedicated team of professional voice over artists, visual effect artists, graphic designers, web developers and SEO experts who work with our brand and understand our ethos in order for us to provide the best finished product that we can.