Video Content Can Separate Your Jersey Business From The Rest

We have previously discussed video content and the benefits of video marketing, that isn’t new. Click here to see our previous discussion on video marketing in Jersey. The over-arching key message is that video is not utilised to its full extent in Jersey. In fact, Online Marketing as a general tool is under-utilised. Therefore, this is an opportune time to get involved and hugely benefit your business.

Sticking Your Head Above The Parapet

Simply put, if you begin to implement Video Marketing into your website, social media, promotion material etc, you WILL stand out from other businesses in Jersey. That’s not to say that nobody is using this method of business promotion, however, the competition is incredibly low.

Take a look at Facebook and how much video is being spread across the platform. Go back 5+ years and a lot of business content would have simply involved words, maybe a picture. However now the majority of EFFECTIVE promotion on Facebook is in the form of video.

That leads us onto another under-used tool for marketing in Jersey.

Facebook – and other social media platforms…

There are businesses here which are using Social Media. In fact, I think it is safe to say that most local businesses are likely attempting to use Social Media in some form for their business. However, there’s a lack of consistency, a lack of branding, and a mentality of “Let’s chuck stuff at the wall, and see what sticks”.

Social Media Marketing, especially when using tools like Facebook Ads is something which doesn’t really reach its full potential when using a trial and error approach. You could either be wasting crucial time by posting content which simply doesn’t resonate with your audience, or you could be wasting large amounts of revenue trying to promote to the wrong crowd.

This is why we always recommend bringing on a Social Media Management Specialist to aid you with marketing with Social Media. You can also bring in a specialist to teach you the best ways to implement Social Media Marketing, rather than do the work for you.

With The Rise In Technology, Comes The Rise Of Video

As we all know, technology is constantly evolving and changing. Every year a new mobile comes out which has some unique feature which none before it had. Then within 6 months, every flagship phone on the market has that feature.

As a business, we now have a multitude of platforms to reach our potential customers on. We can create content that goes to mobile phones, tablets, video streaming sites, social media (the list goes on…).

Studies have shown how content is consumed at a much higher rate when it involves video, and it is demanding high levels of attention, no matter where you’re implementing it.

Jersey is such a strong community that when something becomes ‘big’ here, everyone knows about it. News spreads like wildfire. It is time to use that to your advantage! Utilise the technology we have at our disposal and create a viral video campaign for your business. Market it the right way, and you will see all eyes on you and your business.

An excellent way for us as business owners to draw in attention to our video content is to take our potential customers behind the scenes. Perhaps you are a Personal Trainer, you could create video content of what goes on at one of your training sessions. Otherwise people are in the dark until they decide to take the plunge. Make it clear on what you do by utilising video content!


Create a Viral Video!

The key issue with video content, is it is very easy to do it badly. Today, consumers are weighed down with boring and stagnant video content from brands. When it comes to the opposite, I always think the social media video campaign by Dollar Shave Club was a masterpiece for creating Viral Content.

Dollar Shave Club started in 2011, and used clever video marketing aimed towards men, meant that they sold their company in 2016 for $1 BILLION (Yes, with a B). Take a look at one of their earlier videos here.

The secret to Dollar Shave Club’s success isn’t a huge video budget, over complicated editing or anything outwith any normal businesses reach. It was just clever, and aimed at their target market. They had a sense of humour, didn’t take themselves too seriously, and that is exactly what their competition weren’t.

The key here is to use them as an example of the huge impact of Video Marketing on Social Media. Their rise up the ladder in their niche was entirely led by their video campaigns. Another note to take is that their rise was aided by the fact they were doing something their competition wasn’t. While Gillette were busy making the same old shaving videos with a sports star, they stripped their videos back and did something the polar opposite. Think about the attention you may receive in Jersey if your business were suddenly to step away from what everyone else is doing, and implement unique and eye-catching video content!

Diversity and Versatility in Video

In our opinion, video is the most diverse and versatile form of content available to us right now. “But you’re a video production company, of course you’re going to say that!”. I know, I know. But the statistics don’t lie. We discussed the main benefits of video in our previous post, and linked to a myriad of documentary evidence.

We strongly believe that is is important for businesses within Jersey to start moving with the times, and include video with their marketing initiatives.

Got a new product? Create a quick demonstration video of how to use it and the benefits of using it.

Lacking credibility? Interview a local Jersey expert in their field, record their answers, and pop it on your Facebook page, and spread it around the island using Facebook Ads.

Want to show a personal touch? Create weekly/monthly video blogs behind the scenes of your business. We used a personal trainer as an example, but this can be utilised for any type of business. The more people don’t already do it, the more you will stand out. How many ‘behind the scenes’ video content from the big finance companies do we see? None! If you’re a small local finance company, move away from their old marketing tactics, and soar into the future.

Bring in a customer who loves your product/service and create a case study video so that other potential customers on the island can relate to your business and your brand.

There honestly is never a bad situation for using video content. There is just bad implementation of it. We’re more than happy to have a chat with you about the benefits of Video Content, and how we could implement it into your business. All it takes is a chat to make your Jersey business stand out from the rest.

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