Company History Shines Through Video

Here in Jersey we have many companies who have a fascinating and storied history of how the business came to be how is is today. Video is the best way of telling this tale. There are many ways to show how a company was born, and how it developed over the years. Utilising video will draw more eyes to your business, and can be a way for you to entice more people to your business. Naturally as humans, we’re drawn to people, objects and businesses with an interesting story to tell. Let’s see how you could tell your story. If you’re interested in discussing how Maple Rock Studios could help you lay out your history in the form of video, then please get in contact with us.

Below are some examples of well known businesses who have chosen to use video to exemplify their history:


This video showing the history of Burberry almost acts as a film trailer for the brand. The video exemplifies how historically important Burberry is as a brand by placing the actors alongside key moments in history associated with the brand, such as the War and the Shackleton Arctic Expedition.

Ultimately, what Burberry tries to exemplify is that they sell beautiful clothing through a beautifully made video. While using the video as a means to also tell a tale of their history. Therefore, serving two purposes. Both as an information piece, and a sales piece. This is a perfect example of video showing a brands message in a subtle and meaningful way.

Levi Strauss (Levi Jeans)

This video utilises more of a speech to camera setup. The video features a Levi Strauss historian to walk us through the story of the world renowned denim brand. The company use this video as an opportunity to highlight social change and includes the anti-war movement and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The filming of this video is different to that of the Burberry video, as it is more of a documentary style, rather than a cinematic style of video. They subtly use archive photographs and historical memorabilia throughout the years to capture their strong historic brand.

This video’s goal is to create a feeling of relation for the mass market. Specifically, for their target market to relate to the brand.


This video is more similar in style to the Burberry video we discussed initially. It is a very cinematic approach with a high production value. With the video only standing a one minute long, they have carefully selected their shots in order to say a lot in a short amount of time.

The video shows the hardship of an incoming immigrant to the US. Again, this advert likely has been created in a manner to resonate feelings close to home of many people living in the US.

Emotions are what cause people to buy products. Very rarely do we open our wallets using logical thought. Often when we think we’re purchasing logically, we’re still subconsciously being driven by emotion in one way or another.

Emotion is what drives this Budweiser historical video. Whether it be through feelings of relation to the characters in the video, or a feeling of empathy. It drives home the message that Budweiser has a long and storied history as a liberal drinks brand for the open-minded American.


HSBC like Levi’s took a documentary approach to their video. The video gives a nod to the Asian roots of HSBC, but while maintaining the UK focus of the brand.

They have clearly selected an HSBC employee who they found to be very relatable in order to represent the everyday person who may work for HSBC. The video takes us through the years of HSBC associated with World War II, and specifically the employee (Sandra) finding out the long and storied history of the company. We’re learning vicariously through someone else, which can be more engaging and subtle than someone talking “at you” in an informational video.

This is a very effective usage of video to engage people with the brand of HSBC.

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