A Year in Review 2020

The year 2020 will certainly go down in history – there’s no doubt! The global coronavirus pandemic this year has brought new challenges for all of us and obstacles none of us could have been prepared for. This year has totally changed the way we work, live and the way we connect with each other.

Overcoming Obstacles

For us as a business, many of the yearly events we film were cancelled and the start of the year we were prevented from filming. Alike many other businesses we learnt to adapt and think of new ways we could create, capture stories and bring unique perspectives into focus. Many of our weddings were cancelled and we felt for all our bride and grooms who had to put off their special day they had been looking forward to. In 2020 we filmed our first ever funeral, which is an event I never thought we would film. However being trusted to capture this funeral so that family and friends who weren’t able to attend due to coronavirus restrictions, could watch, felt very special.


We began to offer 1:1 photoshoots (at 2 metre safe distances) which is a service we hadn’t offered in the past and we developed safer ways to create films for our clients. With the success of photoshoots we’ve decided to keep them as a service and look forward to shooting more in 2021. We celebrated the launch of our brand new website this December. Finishing the website is something which I never seemed to have the time to complete – so thank you lockdown!

Another success this year was winning Film Production Company of the Year – which was a massive win. I can’t wait to receive the trophy which will be proudly displayed in the office. I couldn’t have dreamt that when opening the business 3 years ago.

Looking into 2021

Although this year has been hard for many I am feeling grateful to be coming out the end of 2020. This year we worked with some fantastic new clients and also continued to work with our current clients to bring their brands and their messages to life. For 2021 I’m looking forward to filming weddings again and hopefully some of Jersey’s annual events. Not only that but I’m excited to continue the wonderful client relationships we’ve built and to develop even more!

So I’d just like to thank all our clients this year and everyone who continues to support my business, thank you also to all the talented freelancers we had the joy of working with throughout the year. Wishing you all a very happy new year.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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